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Finance is a key function in every type of organization, small to medium to large. They handle cash flows within an organization and are intertwined with all the other business functions. This makes their internal processes quite complex as well as extensive. However, on the other hand, they need to be on their toes to provide accurate data to top management and senior executives, at any time point of time. All financial reports should be categorically organized to forecast profits and plan budgeting. In reality, most companies struggle with multiple format of invoices, vouchers and manual papers. Closing books by consolidating disparate financial data into a unified format that is easily consumable is a real challenge.
SAP Business Planning and Consolidation is a suite that is developed to help finance professionals close books faster and consolidate financial reporting processes. It provides a unified view of financial & operational data and streamlines internal processes. By deploying BPC, it is possible to build what-if scenarios models, predict business outcomes and plan financial budgets. It also helps companies to comply with regulatory and financial standards.
Business Benefits
Drastic reduction in consolidation cycle times and better budgeting
Build what-if scenario models and predict accurate business results
Minimize data redundancy problems with a centralized and unified view
Increase financial rating for your organization by meeting statutory compliance
Take timely decisions with detailed reporting metrics
Maintain a healthy cash flow by balancing books efficiently
Success of any manufacturing company or OEM business can be attributed to the business relationship they maintain with the vendors or suppliers. Quality of an end product by a manufacturer is the sum quality of all sub-parts provided by suppliers – this simple fact elucidates the importance of establishing and managing a trusted supplier chain network. Also, timely availability of sub-parts actually determine the time-to-market cycle which is critical for product success. Traditional vendor management software acts only a database to maintain supplier data and manage invoices. It lacks a holistic platform that seamlessly connect OEM’s with suppliers in real time that’ll lead to a better procurement strategy.
SAP SRM help organizations to strengthen their relationship with procurement vendors or suppliers. The processes in SRM are designed in such way that it integrates OEM with supplier and allows both to support each other to create the business synergy. With SRM in place, you can predict purchasing pattern, cut down procurement cycles and foster a long-term relationship with your suppliers.
Business Benefits
Optimize procurement strategy and develop long-term relationship with suppliers
Collaborate with suppliers in real time and shorten the procurement cycle
Best utilize the pool of vendors to improve product quality
Eliminate the unnecessary communication expenses explaining product quality standards to vendors
Gain competitive advantage by launching your products well-ahead of time through effective vendor collaboration
In today’s globalized economy, opportunities are abundant, so does risks. For every startup success story, there is a complimenting news about fall of a successful business due to security breaches and violation. Governance is viewed more than just a set of policies to streamline systems. It has become the holy grail for ethical business practice. In fact, every stake holder, from investor to employee, expects a fair valued compliance rule book to follow governance.
SAP’s Governance, Risk and Compliance is a business suite that helps organization build robust governance structure that is rightly aligned with its business objectives. The suite can be best leveraged to minimize the risk factors while chalking out business growth and expansion plans. Employee compliance to governance can be implemented with the right set of tools and processes without spending sums on long and unproductive change management programs.
Business Benefits
Control security breaches and minimizes risk on organization’s performance
Institutionalize governance pillars across functions within an organization
Reduce manual processes and improve overall business productivity
Maximize stakeholder value through adherence to compliance
Improves brand equity by internalizing governance and compliance mechanisms
Faster time to market advantage by minimizing risk factors
Data these days are growing the way as it was never expected and through the multiple sources. As we know the evolution of Social media emergence of new communication channels, and wide-spread adoption of internet have created a paradigm shift in data growth .As a matter of fact the leading research and Data scientist shows that the data is getting doubled in every two years.
The question arises,is your organisation ready to handle these magnitude of data explosion?
SAP HANA (High-performance analytics appliance) can help your organization traverse through this data growth. By combining online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) on a single platform, SAP HANA eliminates the lag in data latency and provides business insights in real time. Especially in a digital world where consumer demands dominate market trends, it is critical for organizations to understand consumer sentiments and needs from the data generated by them in social media and other communication
Benefis to Reap are as follows:-
Crunch and analyze massive volume of data in in real time
In-depth consumer understanding aids product and service innovation
Explore data in different dimensions, identify patterns and cull out insights
Perform better than your competition by responding faster to market needs
Better understanding of consumer sentiments and preferences
Improved and well-informed decision making to drive profits
Two decades ago, carbon footprint, ozone depletion, global warming etc. were esoteric to common man. Today, the climate is different. Continuous depletion of natural resources for industrial and livelihood needs pose a serious threat to sustainable living. Globally, countries implement active frameworks to establish environment friendly business practices. Strict environmental laws and safety norms are implemented by local and international bodies to protect natural resources and employee safety. So, it has become pivotal for companies to abide to these laws and compliance needs to scale their business in an environment conscious world.
Existing set of tools and processes are too limited to help companies protect employee safety and promote green practices. SAP EHS is a management suite that helps originations comply with stipulated environmental laws and regulations. The suite offers tools, templates and processes to eliminate health risks for employees who work in chemical, energy and other similar industries. It also simplifies the complex mandatory reporting procedures that companies to have to maintain to satisfy global safety standards.
Business Benefits
Eliminate accidents and risks incidents for employees handling hazardous materials
Ensures companies comply with global environmental laws and regulations
Record, analyze and learn from near-misses and practical observations
Improve manufacturing operations by proactively identifying possible risk incidents and loopholes
Simplifies mandatory reporting procedures which otherwise was a long winded and time-consuming exercise
Gain the trust of investors and company stakeholders by running an environment friendly business.
SAP Mobility
The emergence of smart phones and high speed internet have fundamentally changed the way we live and lead our lives. The world has shrunk into a small electronic gadget and we started consuming our daily needs with our trendy handheld devices. Your business can be in B2B segment or B2C segment and it is certain that your target audience would like to get in touch through mobile. It’s time for you to operate a mobile friendly business.
SAP’s Mobility solutions are exclusively built to let organizations of every type, small to medium to large, take advantage of this ever rising mobile phenomena. You can develop mobile solutions to address all your business objectives – streamline operations, expedite decision making, improve customer engagement, increase profit margins and more. SAP’s mobile platform is robust and supports sensitive data with advanced security features.
Business Benefits
Empower your executives to take business decisions while on the move
Access critical business data from anywhere, anytime
Understand market dynamics quickly and react faster to changes
Constantly listen to voice of your customers and create compelling marketing campaigns
Expedite your sales closure cycle with effective sales and decision making tools
Optimize your promotional budgets by reaching out to the right target audience
SAP SuccessFactors
An organization is best represented by its collective workforce. No organization can build a great brand without the inherent support from its primary brand evangelists – employees. Marked by technological advancements and economic fluctuations, prevailing business world is quite uncertain. The principles of managing a talent pool and grooming best minds has taken a shift. Conventional human capital software often fall flat in bridging these HR needs.
SAP’s Success Factors is a cloud-based Human Resource Solution that is widely adopted by many new age companies that strongly believe employees is their biggest asset. From a simple process of identifying the right talent to chalking out a succession strategy for leadership positions, success factors helps organizations in every HR decisions. All these advantages come with the proven economic benefits of a cloud-based software.
Business Benefits
Attract, retain and groom the best talents in the industry
Simplify HR operations with systematic planning and execution
Bring a strong alignment between growth curve and human capital needs
Create an employee friendly workplace that strongly translates into business success
Train employees with right skills and help them innovate new products and services
Become an employer of choice by building a great people culture and a conducive work environmen
SAP Support Services
Qcloud provides support services by keeping cost into consideration.Since SAP is a mission critical software undoubtedly, Most companies incur significant costs to maintain and run SAP solutions.Larger organizations can easily afford to employ a dedicated internal SAP maintenance team; however it is not cost-effective value proposition for mid-sized companies.
Qcloud is trused and well organised sap Consultant providing sap support services to many small and medium and medium business across industries.Our SAP talent pool has vast domain experience and technical knowledge to help your business. We know every business is different, so does their needs. Keeping that in mind, we offer the following support models:
Dedicated onsite support
Onsite – offshore support
Dedicated offshore support
Shared offshore support
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